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You are entering the gateway to higher grades, better scores, and a host of careers in the multi-billion dollar industries of Video Game Design, Animation, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Medicine. You are on the playground of STEM-A! You are flowing through the portal of excitement, enlightenment, engagement. You are headed for pure FUN! More than fun and games, GenTech understands the way interactive, STEM-focused learning can lead to: Better academic performance Stronger interpersonal skills Greater college preparedness Deeper insights into career options GenTech is also a pathway for college admission and exploration of the new 21st century STEM careers through our college advising services and year-round Internships. And every student from grades 3rd thru 12th learns Leadership Skills that shine!


For 5 years, GenTech been using technology to educate, enlighten, and engage hundreds of students in an environment of pure, high-tech fun! NOW, it's your child's turn. Our stimulating Saturday Program have new classes that grab anyone who enjoys Game Design, 2-D or 3-D Animation, XBox Game Design, Robotics! Our Summer Camp youth and teens to fly an airplane, analyze DNA, create an App, or learn to Program! Take a look of how GenTech can prepare your child for college, 21st century careers, and entrepreneurship – all while having a great time!


STEM-A (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, and the Arts) experiences for grades 3rd - 12th Exciting, hands-on classes and activities in the hottest fields of the 21st century Degreed, experienced instructors with strong, working knowledge of their industries Real world courses and inquiry-based activities Guest speakers from a variety of professions giving honest, down-to-earth insights into colleges and careers


Prepares your child for a growing field Strengthen skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts (STEM-A) Begins building a portfolio suitable for submission with college applications Explores career options in high-demand STEM-A fields Stimulates creativity, imagination, and confidence Develops independent learning skills Students receive college advising beginning in 3rd grade

The STEM Experience Camp

  • ID: 838

High-impact, hands-on, interactive, project-based, learning experiences in: Game Design 2-D & 3-D Animation Building Computers Programming NASA Smart Skies 3-D Printing Robotics

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The STEM Exploration Camp

  • ID: 820

In-depth, hands-on experience, using cutting-edge technologies, and exploring real-world issues, trends, and career options in: Biotechnology: Are Those Designer Genes? Aerospace Engineering: Learn about aviation and really fly an airplane! Mobile App Development: Make a REAL App! Programming & Software…

  • Level 1
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